Wednesday, May 10, 2023 ( 3 pm - 5 pm)

Never stop: techniques and strategies to innovate 

(*) Service aimed at executives and middle managers in which AP members can participate.
Hotel Excelsior San Marco Piazza della Repubblica, 6 - 24122 BERGAMO

In a fast-changing fast-paced world, innovation is an aspect that requires daily care and attention. Often, in fact, from the corporate to the personal sphere, we find ourselves trapped in old systems, dynamics and practices that no longer reflect current needs and hinder future challenges.
How to become more innovative? How to develop a serial entrepreneur mind and how to innovate without ever stopping?
During this meeting, participants will be able to confront both those who do and promote innovation in the company and those who, in different fields, have the daily need to innovate always, developing personal skills useful in the corporate world. Through examples and experiences, the meeting aims to provide different points of view on the topic, providing concrete practices to be more innovative with particular attention to the role of ideas and mental approach, because from there derives much of the success of innovation.

  • Luca Ravenna, stand-up comedian, will accompany us on a journey within a profession where innovation and lateral thinking are the fundamental key to keeping the appreciation of the public alive. Starting from behind the scenes of the preparation of a new show, through concrete examples that can also be used at work, he will show us how to work on the elements of innovation, of oneself and of a product, always keeping a flexible and creative mind
  • Andrea Toso, Director of R&D at Dallara Automobili for over twenty years, thanks to his experience in the development of racing vehicles, especially for the Indianapolis 500, he will bring us his vision on how to make innovation in the company. Following his career path, he will highlight opportunities and challenges of innovation, focusing on how this goes beyond the simple development of products, processes and services, but also has a significant impact on the company at 360, in particular, on relations.


Chiara Giovenzana

Investment Director, Healthcare Technologies at ENEA Tech (MISE)

Luca Ravenna

Stand-up Comedian

Andrea Toso

Dallara Automobili


May 10, 2023
3 pm - 4:30 pm Speech by Matteo Rizzi

Speech by Luca Ravenna

Speech by Andrea Toso
4:30 pm - 5 pm Debate

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AMBROSETTI MANAGEMENT (*)IN PERSON AND VIA WEB Never stop: techniques and strategies to innovate 

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AMBROSETTI MANAGEMENT (*)IN PERSON AND VIA WEB Never stop: techniques and strategies to innovate