Mirko Mazzoleni

Researcher and Professor of Data Science and Automation, University of Bergamo (Italy)

Mariana Mazzucato

Professor of Economics of Innovation and Public Value, University College London (UCL)

Luca Mazzucchelli

Psychologist and Psychotherapist; Editor of the magazine " Contemporary Psychology”

Andrew McAfee

Co-Founder and Co-Director, MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy; Principal Research Scientist, MIT Sloan School of Management

Geoff McDonald

International expert on mental health of workers

Finola McDonnell

Chief Communications and Marketing Officer, Financial Times

Annie McKee

Founder, Teleos, USA

Rod McKinnis

Sales Management Trainer; Author of "Sales Is Simple from Luck to Leverage", USA

Douglas McWilliams

Executive Chairman, Centre for Economic and Business Research - CEBR, UK

Veli Mcobothi

Chief Executive Officer, Cinga Capital, South Africa

Geoff Mead

Professor of Narrative Leadership, Hult International Business School

Thomas Meany

Co-Founder, Open Cell

Davide Meda

Head of Manufacturing Worldwide, Pirelli

Jeanne Meister

Founding Partner, Workplace, USA

Serena Melani

Commander, Explora Journeys, Cruises Division – Gruppo MSC

Matteo Melchiorri

Chief Human Capital Officer, FASTWEB

Giuseppe Mele

Direttore, Heineken

Chris Melhuish

Direttore e cofondatore, Bristol Robotics Lab, University of Bristol

Maurizio Melis

Conductor and radio author, Radio 24

Massimiliano Melis

Controls Business Process Manager, GM Global Propulsion Systems

Simonetta Melon

Responsabile Comunicazione Leroy Merlin

Antonio Melone

GM Italia Whirlpool

Fiona Melrose

Head of Group Strategy & ESG, UniCredit

Max Menetti

Coach, Treviso Basketball Italy